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Starting a Business – Address Your Stress

There are both good and bad forms of stress. For example being super busy working is a good kind of stress — or at least it can be unless you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Really exerting yourself as a challenge to achieving some goal, while stressful, can be very gratifying if you hit the target. So stresses like these can actually be motivational.


There are stresses that we can’t avoid because they are inherent in life – wars and rumors of wars, catastrophic events in nature, crime, health, financial and relationship problems, etc. Of course these are amplified because they go along with fear and anxiety. Since they can’t be avoided completely, we need to do something to mitigate them as far as how they affect us.

There is a direct relationship between our minds and our bodies. If you are using all of your resources to worry or trying to navigate chaos, then you can actually compromise your immune system. This can leave you more vulnerable to illness, and when ‘normal’ illness occurs, it becomes more difficult for your immune system to overcome it.

Starting a business, just like starting a new job, moving to a new location, or ending a relationship are considered major life events that are super-stressful; and unless we acquire coping mechanisms they can really undermine our well-being. It is a bit like having one hand tied behind your back if your entire system is pre-occupied with stress. So taking time away to relax and rest will actually serve to make you more accurate and efficient, hence more productive.

As well there are things you can do to ‘talk yourself down’ when you are on your last nerve and just can’t get away for a break. There used to be a school of thought that said it is best to rant and rave and get it off your chest; and it was that anger that we keep inside that will kill us. However now the thinking is that you can actually cause a major health event by throwing a ‘hissy fit’ – you can literally ‘blow a gasket’.

So it may be best to have ways to calm yourself down – and believe it or not being organized and taking things one step at a time, is one way to alleviate a huge amount of stress when you are starting a business. You cannot digest or accomplish everything in one day. You should not contribute to your own demise by having unrealistic expectations. Schedule enough time to do just what needs to be done today and then take some time to breathe.

You need to realize that you may end up paying a few monthly fees while seeing no return on investment. That is the cost of doing business. If you truly want to start a business then you have to accept that it may cost you time, money and effort to do so. Your health and sanity however is not a price you should be willing to pay for any reason.


Online Business Development – No Kidding Your Power is in Your List

There can’t be enough said with regard to the benefits of giving away free resources as a way to build your list, aka capture leads. People just love the idea of getting something for free and they will be attracted to your offer of a free eBook or report or even some small software application or tool that you may have resale rights to (PLR).

it is in the list

The idea is to offer them the freebie in exchange for only their eMail address, which implies permission to send them a newsletter or other document that advertises your product. Your eMail leads are what makes up your list. Once you get one, you should consistently keep in touch with them and continue to provide something of value such as information that they need to build their business.

Your list is probably your most important resource at all stages of developing your business. While eMail marketing has suffered some difficulty because of spammers, there is a report recently that says that for the first time in over a decade spam is down to below 50% (of mail received). This means it just got a bit easier for you to get your eMails to go through.

The problem is not just one of being inundated with so many unsolicited ads that none end up getting read, but also of the filters that are used by email services to combat the problem. In particular the filters seem to have difficulty in telling the difference between legal bulk mail sent by business and illegal spam. So they paint everything with the same brush and just block it all. Even mail that you have requested and are expecting gets sent to the spam folder.

This makes eMail marketing much more difficult to be an effective advertising tool. One of the other things that probably discourage people from using ‘professional’ list building services are the mass amounts of old, regurgitated eMail addresses that they buy. It is very disheartening for a newbie to realize they have 1000 addresses and probably 1/3 of them bounce because they are so old as to be invalid. Then another 1/3 doesn’t get opened because they were sent to spam or completely blocked, going to never-never land. So for the cost of 1000 leads you get less than 350 with any possibility.

It’s just ‘the name of the game’ though and the list is critical enough that we have to put up with the hardships just for the chance that we will be able to convert a few of these to sales. With that said it is good to have some free ways to capture leads directly online, using web forms on our websites, etc. In order to get your website seen you should have a way to add fresh content on a regular basis so that your link will be re-indexed by the search engines, elevating its position in the search results.


Information is Power Only If You Take Action with It

We certainly do see a lot of references to the fact that information is power. It is great to know facts and theories but unless we use it for something it is just filed away in our memory bank. We are very fortunate in having access to the Internet which is a vast ocean of information. There is almost nothing that you may wish to ask a search engine that you can’t get pages of links that reference your topic.

use info-power

The point being with regard to Internet marketing and all that this involves, we can get a good idea of the techniques and strategies absolutely for free if we are just interested. So the initial action would be to use the available, free resources online as a constant reference. Whatever it is, just ‘look it up’ (search). This would seem particularly relevant to new terminology that we encounter if we are just starting out to develop an online business.

This is more important than you might think because if you are reading instructions and you encounter a word or acronym you are not familiar with, if you just ‘evade’ it, whether you are conscious of it or not, from that point on you are in a kind of haze. So actually not taking a minute to find out what it means, is possibly wasting all the time you spend after the encounter. If we use a recipe for a cake as an analogy, leaving out the leavening will produce a flat rock rather than the fluffy delight we are hoping for.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one area that may be one of the least understood elements in the beginning of an Internet marketing career. It just sounds very technical and as such seems to create almost an aversion. The reason it is so important that this be overcome sooner rather than later, is that #1 the search engines are like the traffic cops – they can pretty much make you or break you as far as traffic being one of the top concerns for an online business, so you want to do all you can to cultivate a good relationship; #2 It is a powerful, free way to promote your business.

With just a little bit of research and probably millions of links that can help you toward that end, it seems like this would be one of the primary strategies to promote an online business. Instead it seems like only when one becomes more sophisticated or experienced they take the time to find out what SEO is about and to begin to use it. It’s no wonder that so many people quit before ever getting to that point, and in truth the only problem is they weren’t really interested in putting forth the effort to learn.


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