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Pay Attention to Details When Shopping for New Passive Income Streams

Details are actually very important when looking for passive income streams to add to your portfolio. Many people look at the ‘big picture’ and that is all they seem to be concerned with. Certainly this a very important place as well as it may include your mid-range and long-term plans for the future.

passive income streams

However a good example of why details are important might be given with computer instructions. Say you have a list of steps that you need to go through to get somewhere in a program. 99% of the time if you miss a step nothing will look as it is described. It can be as simple as hitting a [carriage return] as part of a step. The point is you are stuck and cannot go on.

This is no doubt frustrating and someone may be feeling (and actually is) completely lost. The only way out is to stop everything, and restart the process from the very beginning. Now you would try to follow along and don’t miss anything this time. Or you may just be able to back out using your [back] arrow button. Sometimes that works but many times it doesn’t for security reasons.

So now applying this to shopping for possible new passive incomes streams (program, product or service) to add to your ‘portfolio’. Wouldn’t it be awful to believe that the commission you will receive is $10 and then a month or two down the line when the first commission comes, it is actually $1? You might just throw your hands up and say ‘oh well’. However in reality the small commission may have influenced your decision to even get involved with the program. But you had overlooked that detail.

It is much better to know all the facts up in front and even to confirm them. For all passive income streams you can start with the website or advertisement and thoroughly read it. If it has ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) do take the time to browse through it as you may learn something. If the website has other help documentation be sure to read anything you can there as well.

If you have any questions that are not answered, or that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact their support or helpdesk. It is actually best to contact the company directly for any questions. The ‘sponsor’ is just the person whose ad you responded to and they may or may not respond to an email or even know the correct answer. So save yourself time and get the real story directly from the program itself.


Using Effective Words in Content and Conversation

There are very dramatic, compelling words that are used in advertising and other Internet communications. The one that seems the best right now is ‘jaw-dropping’ and that really does say a lot when you think about it. If words are overused, however they become almost meaningless and lose all their effectiveness. In fact they become nerve wracking.

talk talk

The ones that so need to be retired from communications, especially oral are words like ‘absolutely’ and ‘awesome’. Can you please think of some other way to express these emotions before you bore everybody to death? Especially ‘absolutely’ – you can say for sure, definitely, or undoubtedly. This is abused in both directions whether absolutely or absolutely not.

For ‘awesome’ you can say beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping, far out, phenomenal, or wonderful. Awesome is actually a very nice word and it is too bad it has been abused and is now a watered-down version of itself that is shallow as far as emotion or meaning.

OK so you are trying to be emphatic but you ruin the very emotion you are trying to demonstrate by using a trite overused word. Hopefully if people begin to notice and leave them alone for a while they can come back someday and be used again without being boring.

Other words that are absolutely infuriating are ‘no problem’. Now this would be appropriate if someone has made a mistake and was apologizing or explaining what happened. ‘No problem’ says don’t worry about it, it will be ok. But how did it graduate to take over the job of ‘you’re welcome’???

This is when you tell someone ‘thank you’ and they say ‘no problem’. Who said anything about a problem??? What was said was ‘thank you’ and you could say ‘you are welcome’ or if you can’t squeeze that out then ‘ok’ would certainly be better than ‘no problem’.

There are various lists of ‘power words’ and words that are stars in the art of ‘emotional writing’. It would be very good if you were to make a list of your favorites so that you could bring it when you are writing a blog post, email or other advertisement. Some honorable mention in this category are for example: block-buster, amazing, inspired, secret, improved, proven, remarkable, miracle, and authentic There are hundreds more but I think you get the picture.

There are other perspectives to the psychology of using words to motivate people. This site is particularly comprehensive if you want to research this subject further.


The Internet – Take a Walk on the Wild Side

In determining whether you have what it takes to start your own home business on the Internet, there are a few things to consider. You may find that you are willing to take a chance and you may not – either way is fine and you should own it because it is your decision.

take a tiny risk

There seems to be two distinct types of people. Those that try to be satisfied with the status quo and go along with everything ‘normal’ all their lives; and people who are willing to go out on a limb and take risks to possibly achieve something greater. Actually it would be best if people had a reasonable number of the traits of both types.

We do need to ‘go along with the program’ in some ways at least up to a certain point. We do need to learn all we can and have a sense of awareness. We have to know how to keep our feet on the ground. However then there is the point where if we want to really be creative or to achieve anything more than ‘normal’ that we have to learn how to take some risks.

If we did the part where we have our feet on the ground then the risks we take should be more or less ‘educated’ and low-risk risks. There is an important rule to remember here and that is not to ever gamble with more than you can afford to lose. This speaks to the fact that you should never speculate or gamble with your living expenses.

Think of the worst case scenario, if you need to discipline your mind in this regard. For example where will you live if you lose your rent money or your mortgage is foreclosed? Will you be able to feed your family at the homeless soup kitchen if you spend the grocery money? There are no guarantees and therefore you shouldn’t risk your basic survival for any reason.

Do not care how good it looks or how there are only 2 more in stock, or you have only 3 more days at the sale price. If you don’t have the money then just pass. It will not be the end of the world no matter what the marketing hype may say. Start saving your money now and maybe the next time an offer comes along you will have the money to grab it on sale or at the last minute without impacting your survival?

So like all things, moderation. We need to be able to take some risks if we ever want to move beyond the status quo. This is not easy to do for some people who do not ever gamble. Start very small with what you risk and see what happens. It really is possible for you to win.


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