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Using Effective Words in Content and Conversation

There are very dramatic, compelling words that are used in advertising and other Internet communications. The one that seems the best right now is ‘jaw-dropping’ and that really does say a lot when you think about it. If words are overused, however they become almost meaningless and lose all their effectiveness. In fact they become nerve wracking.

talk talk

The ones that so need to be retired from communications, especially oral are words like ‘absolutely’ and ‘awesome’. Can you please think of some other way to express these emotions before you bore everybody to death? Especially ‘absolutely’ – you can say for sure, definitely, or undoubtedly. This is abused in both directions whether absolutely or absolutely not.

For ‘awesome’ you can say beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping, far out, phenomenal, or wonderful. Awesome is actually a very nice word and it is too bad it has been abused and is now a watered-down version of itself that is shallow as far as emotion or meaning.

OK so you are trying to be emphatic but you ruin the very emotion you are trying to demonstrate by using a trite overused word. Hopefully if people begin to notice and leave them alone for a while they can come back someday and be used again without being boring.

Other words that are absolutely infuriating are ‘no problem’. Now this would be appropriate if someone has made a mistake and was apologizing or explaining what happened. ‘No problem’ says don’t worry about it, it will be ok. But how did it graduate to take over the job of ‘you’re welcome’???

This is when you tell someone ‘thank you’ and they say ‘no problem’. Who said anything about a problem??? What was said was ‘thank you’ and you could say ‘you are welcome’ or if you can’t squeeze that out then ‘ok’ would certainly be better than ‘no problem’.

There are various lists of ‘power words’ and words that are stars in the art of ‘emotional writing’. It would be very good if you were to make a list of your favorites so that you could bring it when you are writing a blog post, email or other advertisement. Some honorable mention in this category are for example: block-buster, amazing, inspired, secret, improved, proven, remarkable, miracle, and authentic There are hundreds more but I think you get the picture.

There are other perspectives to the psychology of using words to motivate people. This site is particularly comprehensive if you want to research this subject further.


Home Biz Start-Up – We Must Learn to Crawl Before We Can Walk

Although it can take some imagination, part of the beauty of starting your own business is that you get to create it in your vision. That is eventually. You do need to start out with learning the basics so that you build a solid foundation to begin with. However beyond that it is a ‘fluid’ thing where it can morph over time as many times as you need it to.

crawl b4 U walk!

So don’t get too hung up on your ‘idea’. It is much more important to keep an open mind and to continue to learn as much as you can and to gain expertise in all the different facets of Internet marketing. You need the ‘experience’ to add to the strength of your foundation. Your ultimate dream may be something that is far beyond your grasp right now whether because of finances or skill.

This definitely doesn’t mean wait or give up. It means take ‘the path of least resistance’ – start with something you CAN DO right now – today if possible. For example an affiliate program will provide you with a sales web page that few people would know how to create off the top of their head. They may also provide some level of training in Internet marketing that would be applicable to any program or product you may want to promote in the future. You can ‘earn while you learn’.

Affiliate programs also have other structures in place that you can use for now. Again it may not be your idea or anywhere close to your dream to be an affiliate. You really want to be on your own, completely independent and only doing things that can be done your way. You want to have your own product or service and eventually build your own website and etc. This is a good long-range plan. How long is ‘long’ would only depend on your skill level and financial situation – and your motivation.

The cost of becoming an affiliate is very low especially when you realize how much they really do for you. This includes giving you the legal right to profit from their intellectual property. They give you permission to promote their product or service and will pay you a percentage of any sale or referral you make. They have spent considerable money to develop their program and to maintain it including the membership program itself. They provide customer service and process your sales transactions so you don’t have to be there. They provide a web page and other images/graphics for you to use to promote the program.

It’s well worth it to start crawling as an online affiliate marketer!


Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

If you use as a comparison to choosing the right affiliate program the same way that an investment broker might determine the right investments for you, you will note the following: Basically he will ask if you are at the age and financial situation that you need to take high risk in order to earn the most money in the fastest time (and potentially lose the most); Or if you want to have less risk (and less earnings potential) – a mid-range risk; and last can you not tolerate much risk at all whether this means your earnings will be less or not, you do not accept risk.

choose the right affiliate program

Your answer will determine whether you have your money in risky stocks where the market can soar and dive? They like to believe that when you lose money if you leave everything alone that the time will come when the money you lost will come back. This is fine if you are young and you have plenty of time to recover. Not that anything is ever guaranteed or insured in any way, so feel free to ignore them on that.

There are plans in the middle ground where you have an equal number of risky investments plus more stable investments like bonds and balanced mutual funds. So you are taking risks on one hand, and being protective of your investment on the other. Lastly, there are the totally low risk and low income producing vehicles like municipal bonds. If you can’t afford to lose anything and you don’t care that you won’t be earning very much, then this is the way to go. Better safe than sorry.

So now what does this have to do with an affiliate program? You need to decide whether you want the exciting ‘flash in the pan’ that offers high returns and because it is new has lots of activity that you might benefit from in the way of referral commissions. It may cost you some membership fees and you may make some nice money for a while until it is not new anymore and although still running appears to ‘fizzle out’ pretty much.

Then there are programs that have been around for many years – even as many as 10 or 20. They have thousands of members who claim the program is wonderful and they actually may make a steady, albeit maybe modest income on a regular basis. While this doesn’t sound very exciting there is a lot to be said about stability and reputation. You will find that there are many people who prefer to gamble with this type of smaller risk. If commissions are small then depend on volume – when added together it can be substantial, an important consideration in choosing the right affiliate program.

If at all possible you should always think in terms of ‘multiple streams of income’ – having more than one program that you promote to earn income from – maybe start with one and as soon as you have that down pat add another. This will hedge your bets and balance your risk especially if you have maybe a mixture of ‘new and exciting’ and ‘tried and true’.

Keep in mind with 99.99% of legitimate affiliate programs, there are no contracts beyond month-to-month. There are also other elements you should consider when the right affiliate program for you. Consider the training and advertising resources that members can use free of charge. Of course, consider the compensation plan – Does it seem fair and equitable? Don’t forget to factor in all the program is doing for you with saving you from creating a sales page, providing customer service for your transactions, etc.


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