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Home Business Start-Up Time Management

It may not seem to you that you need a real schedule – and to some it may even be repugnant to live in rigidity. More than likely the majority of people who start home businesses do so, for one reason to be on their own and to do things how and when they want to.

home business start-up

While any part of the above said may or may not be true to some extent, there is a definite need for at least some level of organization. There are important issues that do have time constraints and it can cause you a lot of trouble if they are missed.

Most critical are things like your domain registration being updated BEFORE it actually expires. Some registrars will start reminding you months ahead and #1 you may start ignoring them because 2-months ahead you don’t need to worry. #2 eMail is so very unreliable (deliverability) due to spam and spam filters and some are blocked completely (lost in space) because the mail service has inferior filter software. Sometimes because people don’t even read the email mixed up in all the spam or they are just disengaged.

Another critical element is your hosting account. It is usually set up on automatic debit but sometimes you may prefer to pay each month or so manually. In any case your website will be deactivated eventually. Unless it is a very long period of time where you have ignored this, the files will still be there and will display again as soon as you catch up on your fees. If they have really terminated your account you will have to rebuild the site.

Then there are things of lesser consequence that range from optional duties like checking your affiliate programs for commissions or to see what new information may be posted there that you didn’t receive through email. If you are using your blog like you really should be, then you may want to remind yourself to ‘blog today’ (as frequently as possible but no more than once a day is effective).

Of course if you have any automatic services that should be advertising you might want to check they really are, as well as be sure you are paid up so that you have some kind of list building or advertising going on at all times.

Lists are much easier to deal with if you have 3 formats – short term (today), mid-range (this week or month), and long-range (future goals or projects). This makes it much easier to deal with a big scratched out mess. Do no put anything on short term that you absolutely are not positive you will accomplish today. If necessary move it to tomorrow.


Using Effective Words in Content and Conversation

There are very dramatic, compelling words that are used in advertising and other Internet communications. The one that seems the best right now is ‘jaw-dropping’ and that really does say a lot when you think about it. If words are overused, however they become almost meaningless and lose all their effectiveness. In fact they become nerve wracking.

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The ones that so need to be retired from communications, especially oral are words like ‘absolutely’ and ‘awesome’. Can you please think of some other way to express these emotions before you bore everybody to death? Especially ‘absolutely’ – you can say for sure, definitely, or undoubtedly. This is abused in both directions whether absolutely or absolutely not.

For ‘awesome’ you can say beautiful, stunning, jaw-dropping, far out, phenomenal, or wonderful. Awesome is actually a very nice word and it is too bad it has been abused and is now a watered-down version of itself that is shallow as far as emotion or meaning.

OK so you are trying to be emphatic but you ruin the very emotion you are trying to demonstrate by using a trite overused word. Hopefully if people begin to notice and leave them alone for a while they can come back someday and be used again without being boring.

Other words that are absolutely infuriating are ‘no problem’. Now this would be appropriate if someone has made a mistake and was apologizing or explaining what happened. ‘No problem’ says don’t worry about it, it will be ok. But how did it graduate to take over the job of ‘you’re welcome’???

This is when you tell someone ‘thank you’ and they say ‘no problem’. Who said anything about a problem??? What was said was ‘thank you’ and you could say ‘you are welcome’ or if you can’t squeeze that out then ‘ok’ would certainly be better than ‘no problem’.

There are various lists of ‘power words’ and words that are stars in the art of ‘emotional writing’. It would be very good if you were to make a list of your favorites so that you could bring it when you are writing a blog post, email or other advertisement. Some honorable mention in this category are for example: block-buster, amazing, inspired, secret, improved, proven, remarkable, miracle, and authentic There are hundreds more but I think you get the picture.

There are other perspectives to the psychology of using words to motivate people. This site is particularly comprehensive if you want to research this subject further.


Taking Care of Business Home Style

So you think you are capable of building, developing and maintaining your own business. You must get used to the idea that there are no little fairies anywhere that will worry about your responsibilities. You will need to worry about them or delegate to someone else.

watch it!

Some of the things you need to have together are for example your domain name registration. You should get reminders from your domain registrar so don’t ignore them. Check your spam folder frequently to see if you have any real mail there. If you let the domain name registration expire you will need to reset the DNS (domain name servers) to match your hosting account after you renew it.

If you let it expire long enough you will even have to go through a 30-day waiting period where you can’t register it but people at auction can. They may try to sell you your $5 domain for $200. (Don’t do it). You will wait it out and if nobody hijacks it you can register it again. Oh – and in the meantime your website is down and your business is essentially closed.

This could all happen because you are not taking care of business. Other examples are your hosting account. They usually have a little grace period and may notify you if they try to debit your account and are not able. If you don’t respond they will shut down your website until you pay them what you owe. This means again your website is down and your business is essentially closed.

This is also true with your autoresponder and your prospects may be being turned away with ‘not active’ or ‘Ooops” messages. In either case you are losing them probably forever. If you have memberships in affiliate programs, they too will likely try to debit your account as agreed and if they can’t they will let you know. If you don’t respond your affiliate ID is deactivated and any advertising you may be doing will be for nothing as the would-be customer is getting an error message rather than a sign-up screen. You need to make a note of the date your payments are due.

Buy yourself a calendar or set one up online – whichever you think you would be more likely to access on a regular basis so you don’t miss a critical date. If you have always worked in a corporate or retail environment you are probably used to everything being done for you and/or being reminded that you need to do things. However this is part of the structure you need to build for yourself in setting up your home business. Don’t let phrases like ‘passive income’ and ‘autopilot’ dissuade you from being actively engaged in your business so that you know what is going on.


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