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Pay Attention to Details When Shopping for New Passive Income Streams

Details are actually very important when looking for passive income streams to add to your portfolio. Many people look at the ‘big picture’ and that is all they seem to be concerned with. Certainly this a very important place as well as it may include your mid-range and long-term plans for the future.

passive income streams

However a good example of why details are important might be given with computer instructions. Say you have a list of steps that you need to go through to get somewhere in a program. 99% of the time if you miss a step nothing will look as it is described. It can be as simple as hitting a [carriage return] as part of a step. The point is you are stuck and cannot go on.

This is no doubt frustrating and someone may be feeling (and actually is) completely lost. The only way out is to stop everything, and restart the process from the very beginning. Now you would try to follow along and don’t miss anything this time. Or you may just be able to back out using your [back] arrow button. Sometimes that works but many times it doesn’t for security reasons.

So now applying this to shopping for possible new passive incomes streams (program, product or service) to add to your ‘portfolio’. Wouldn’t it be awful to believe that the commission you will receive is $10 and then a month or two down the line when the first commission comes, it is actually $1? You might just throw your hands up and say ‘oh well’. However in reality the small commission may have influenced your decision to even get involved with the program. But you had overlooked that detail.

It is much better to know all the facts up in front and even to confirm them. For all passive income streams you can start with the website or advertisement and thoroughly read it. If it has ‘FAQ’ (Frequently Asked Questions) do take the time to browse through it as you may learn something. If the website has other help documentation be sure to read anything you can there as well.

If you have any questions that are not answered, or that you don’t understand, don’t hesitate to contact their support or helpdesk. It is actually best to contact the company directly for any questions. The ‘sponsor’ is just the person whose ad you responded to and they may or may not respond to an email or even know the correct answer. So save yourself time and get the real story directly from the program itself.


New Home Based Business Let There be Light

Sometimes for many reasons in your life it is tough if not impossible for you to see the light when it comes to making a success of your home based business. Just as with electricity the light is off until you switch it on. What is meant here by light however, is a positive attitude, faith and hope. Sometimes you have to switch it on. In particular, here the reference is to starting a home based business.

Home Based Business

No matter how you may interpret statements in marketing advertisements, there is almost never an instant, substantial ‘profit’. It has to be worked at to get there. It may be true you could luck out and get in on a launch where you are able to make some sales right off the bat (right on if so!) However the majority of everyday living is done in reality where people need to work at it to earn steady, sustainable income.

So it is very important in the reality of every day to never allow your light to go out. It is the very worst thing you can do other than outright quit trying altogether. You need to allow for your learning curve, taking action to implement what you have learned, and then most difficult giving it time to produce results.

You don’t need to get discouraged or feel like you are failing if you don’t see any results right off the bat or even for an extended period. What you need to do is keep up your hope and faith in yourself and the process. You must never sit and wait for anything (like the results) but must continue to take consistent action to keep building momentum. Don’t stop.

This fact speaks to the reality that few will actually respond. This is absolutely normal when you think of how few people in the world are actually interested AND serious about starting a home based business online. They may wish and dream and read and read but never actually take action to do it. Obviously nothing happens until they do something. There are people who will respond and those are the ones you should focus on.

Success with your home business may happen eventually when you are really serious and do what you need to do consistently and aggressively over TIME. This is much more likely to happen for you if you remember to keep that light on. It is natural that some days we may feel better than others. Therefore you have to really keep on top of it and realize you need to get some light right now if you are feeling a little dim.

This could be resolved in many ways – change your atmosphere for a day – go out for a nice walk and get some fresh air and sunshine, listen to some good music, or go do something that will help to cheer you up! Shopping works!


Why Would You Do This?


When you have to go to an online helpdesk or support site for assistance it is assumed that there is something that you do not know how to do or are confused about. That is why they are there to hopefully be able to assist you. We have all at one time or another no doubt needed direction. However the question is, then why would you ignore what they tell you in answer to your query, or worse argue with them as if you know better?

play nice

It is very enjoyable to help people and it can give one a serious good feeling of gratification when they express their appreciation to any degree from a plain ‘thank you’ all the way to a ‘you rock’. Obviously it is the other group that is the trouble for a customer service person. Maybe it is stubbornness or pride that someone, while they can force themselves to ask, really can’t accept someone else’s opinion, or maybe they just need to argue with someone especially if the agent is a woman and they are not.

Whatever it is I really wish they would try to see things from someone else’s vantage point and if nothing else try to be a little kinder. It sure would be ok to disagree somewhat if it was phrased differently (as another question like why or how?) and I am sure some would still enjoy explaining to more of a degree if it would help the customer understand.

Otherwise it sure does feel like being disrespected when this happens and of course because of the fallacy that ‘the customer is always right’ you have to at least finagle a way to say something ‘with all due respect’ you are mistaken, etc. But there are days when you just want to be done and you have tried everything you know to explain and they just can’t understand. So you really just want to say ok you must know more than I do so let’s just agree to disagree.

Many times these people may be elderly or have issues with the language and it is a good idea before you give up on it to be sure it is not a situation like that and not one of disrespect or games. It sure would be great if we had some sort of way to read minds and intentions!






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