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Driving Traffic to Your Home Business Website

No matter what else you do to promote your brand or business, the thing that will make it a success is only the right kind of traffic. Random traffic is worth something but not much usually. What you really want is targeted traffic. These are people who are actually interested in what you have based on your keywords and their search.

drive traffic

The search engines are a great way to get free, targeted traffic. You can get their attention by for example using your blog frequently. Your blog may not be on your website but there are ways you can link them back and forth.

For example, by using your website URL in the signature or bio box of your blog posts. Actually that URL should be part of everything you do online; whenever you post anywhere you should sign it with your name and website URL (domain name).

The above example is effective however indirect. The best thing to do is to build your website with your blog right on it. That way it is a direct connection. Actually even at that the above example is a very good idea in any case. There should be many places you show up with advertisements, social commentary, blog posts, forum posts, etc. Don’t waste a single one by leaving off your domain or website URL.

If you are wisely building a list of prospects and customers as you should if you expect your business to succeed, whenever you contact them via email, etc., you should always reference your website’s URL in your signature. Really make it part of your identity or brand. When they think of you they think of your domain name.

If you are promoting an affiliate product then you would want to include that URL as well, but that would be best in the body of the message if the message is about that program. It can also be repeated as part of your signature although it may be overkill. More effective might be a ‘P.S.’ to say something additional to encourage them to find out about your affiliate product or program.

Whatever you can do to generate traffic whether free or paid, it is to your benefit and absolutely essential to conducting a business. People have to be made aware of your product or brand and they need to go to the website to learn about it. They are your traffic and there should always be a steady stream from various promotions.


An Online Business Website is Your Storefront or Head Office

While it is possible when you first start out to use only sales pages, which are focused advertisements, to conduct your business, you want to eventually have a professional presence. Your website is your official ‘storefront’ or ‘head office’.

put your best foot forward

So even if the majority of your sales are done from the sales pages or other ‘online store’ sites that display your links, you should have a website that tells who you are and what you are about. This should also have your links. Ideally your website will include a blog right on it.

It’s a very smart move to use a free blog theme from WordPress to build your website. So what you have then is more or less a ‘monetized’ blog ; however the blog does not need to be the home page and you can have a nice advertisement or your own logo as the main focal point of your website. It’s also very easy to use WordPress widgets and pages to develop your site.

If you have ever sat even for 2 minutes looking at HTML code (the language used to build most websites) you would realize what a blessing it is that this is all done for you in WordPress (PHP). You would only need to know very basic HTML – just enough to copy and paste your links into your blog posts or pages.

Even at this it is menu-driven in WordPress, but you should know the parameters so you don’t mess up the block of code by placing something in the wrong area. It is very simple to learn just the elementary protocols just by looking at the code logically. It is all pretty much the same in this regard.

Since you now have a professional online presence with your website, you should consider some things. You want to make your website attractive, welcoming and easy to navigate for people. This would involve for one thing, choosing pleasant colors that are attention-getting without being garish or glaring.

Look at it yourself in different lights – how does it make you feel? Relaxed and ready to learn more about the products or business? Or does it make you nervous? If you have too many things flashing and blinking and popping up, the person may leave because it is too tedious to read anything.

Another issue is making good use of menus – It is a good idea to have a horizontal navigation bar that lists your pages, as well as a vertical listing on the sidebar such as would be done with text widgets. Make it easy for people to find what they need so they don’t give up and go away.

There are many other fine points you will wish to consider such as a call to action and making your ‘about us’ and ‘contact me’ pages friendly yet professional. Remember you mostly ‘don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’ so put your best foot forward!


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